Cyber threats are on the rise in Singapore, mirroring global trends

In 2019, the global cyber landscape continued to evolve. Cyber threats continued to grow in frequency and impact. Notably, there was a shift from profit-motivated attacks towards those aimed at causing massive disruptions, such as the WannaCry ransomware campaign.

As a highly-connected country, Singapore’s cyber landscape mirrored these global trends, according to the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore’s (CSA) “Singapore …

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Download and Install Typhoon TV APK

Typhoon TV is an app that lets you watch the latest movies, trailers, movie news, upcoming movies etc. It is an app that will keep you entertained and a must-have app for movie lovers. It will let you know all the information that you want to know about a movie like a cast, movie reviews, trailer and all other things …

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4 Tips for Everyday Google Doc Users

Google Docs are used today by a wide range of users – from students to businesses and many in between. Those who rely heavily on it for different reasons will find the following tips very useful. If you are one of them, read on!

Auto-Correct Typos

Just like Microsoft, Google Docs corrects typos that you make. In addition to the …

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Download Premium Android App

Downloading the Android app is free and easy. Since there are 100’s of Android market available apart from Google Play Store. However, there are many premium apps which are not available in the official Google Play store as well as in many other Google Play Store alternative market.

That’s where Tekki comes in to play, the site has been online …

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How To Reset Default App in Android

Probably the most nice advantages of the usage of an open running gadget like Android is the power to customise it the way in which you need. Which you could exchange the default font to your favourite one, use a 3rd celebration launcher and even set up a brand new pores and skin for your software with out so much …

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DASHLANE Best Keychain App 2019

Dashlane secures your online passwords with a single master password and stores your data locally with AES-256 encryption; plus it’s one of the most secure and capable form-fillers available. You can sync data to a variety of devices, too, including (make that especially) smartphones

Dashlane works with most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE). Recent updates include a password generator.…

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