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Downloading the Android app is free and easy. Since there are 100’s of Android market available apart from Google Play Store. However, there are many premium apps which are not available in the official Google Play store as well as in many other Google Play Store alternative market.

That’s where Tekki comes in to play, the site has been online for a long time and providing great Android applications that are hard to find anywhere.

Apps such as Whatsapp mods, Movies applications, Game mods are available on the site with an easy to click the download button.

Tekki also provides apps such as IPTV, Movies, Games, Paid apps, Mods, etc. The site speed is super fast which brings the whole browsing experience to a new level.

Features of Tekki:

  • Below are some of the best features of Tekki.
  • Very clean website design
  • Almost every premium apps are available
  • Single click download
  • Very fast downloading speed
  • No annoying ads
  • Support for users

How to download an app from Tekki:

To download the app from Tekki, please read the complete procedure below

  1. First you need to visit the site by typing
  2. Browse through the category of apps or you can search the application which you wanted to download
  3. Read the details and description of the app and how to install it on your device
  4. Locate and click on the Download button
  5. Once you click on the Download button, the downloading will start and your app will be downloaded

List of Android Apps available on Tekki:

Please note that the below list contains the most wanted application instead of the complete list. If you want to check the complete list, please visit the site and check by yourself.

  1. FMWhatsapp
  2. Fouad Whatsapp
  3. GBWhatsapp
  4. Cyberflix TV
  5. Titanium TV
  6. ThopTV
  7. TVZion
  8. Live Nettv
  9. Aos TV
  10. Relax TV
  11. Ola TV
  12. BeeTV
  13. Cinema APK

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